Friday, 6 September 2019

September, 2019 - Art Tracks Resumes!

Summer is nearly over, and  once again, Art Tracks is set to resume!  

Adult classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 17th, and will run weekly from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  (pending sufficient enrollment).  

After school classes begin Wednesday, Sept. 18th, running weekly from 3:20 - 4:30 p.m.

Art Tracks offers a relaxed, small group atmosphere where participants receive tips and feedback while working in the media of their choice.  Classes run September to June, and new members may join throughout the year if space permits.  All levels are welcome!  For more information, please contact:  

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

2019 Art Tracks Exhibition

Exhibitors in 2019 Show


 Lenny continues to perfect her watercolour techniques!  For this life-like portrait of Bonnee, she first mapped out her drawing and applied a light colour wash to the dog.   Once dry, additional glazes of translucent colour were used to suggest areas of light and shadow, giving her work a rich, three-dimensional quality.
For the background, a wet on wet cobalt wash contrasts with the bright, copper colour of the dog,  adding emphasis to the subject while tying the composition together.  Lenny's excellent eye for shape, form, colour and value can be seen in her other animal portraits and still life paintings as well.  More to post soon!   Lovely work, Lenny! 

Portrait of Bonnee - Watercolour

Still life - Watercolour


Maddie's artwork sizzles with energy and colour!  Animals were a popular subject in our group this year, and the examples below show her skill with this theme.  After completing her luminous landscape with giraffes, she set herself the ambitious decision to portray her dog, Harriet.  

Looking at these two paintings, I really can't decide which I like better:  The first shimmers with reflected colour,  but the way Harriet, partially buried in leaves, catches our gaze --- Oh my!  What do you think?                                                                  

 "Portrait of Harriet" - Acrylic on Canvas

Giraffe Reflections - Mixed media


Kate continued to experiment with new media and techniques this year, with wonderful results!  Give her a  few random materials ---  paper clippings, some glue sticks, ink, paint and a bit of salt --- and watch what she does!   The vibrantly beautiful abstract below is an example of her creativity.  

Kate also decided to participate in the "animal theme" after experiencing a dream where she watched a herd of horses gallop across the plains at dusk.   There is certainly a dream like quality to the painting that followed!   Lovely work, Kate!

Kate's Dream - Acrylic on canvas

Abstract - Mixed Media


Chloe brings an upbeat, "try anything" attitude to each class, and her explorations have led to some fantastic works of art!    As we can see from the examples below, she has a keen awareness of shape, form and proportion, not to mention, a strong sense of colour --- Look at those lush green and reds in her painting of the frog!

For a period this year, Chloe chose to investigate one and two-point perspective drawing.   The "Open Door" began as a simple drawing exercise, but then she started adding colour and sculptural elements,  and soon the piece took on a mysterious life of its own!  Great work, Chloe!
Frog - Acrylic on Paper

Open Door - Mixed Media


Drew is an imaginative and skilled artist with a developed sense of line, shape and proportion.   He created this water colour portrait of his cat using wet on wet washes and glazing techniques.    Note his understated, but very effective treatment of the fur:  With a light wash and a few brush lines, he conveys the soft, plush texture --- No need to paint every hair!

This piece is filled with quiet tension, a mood accentuated by  monochromatic greys and blues.  Only the eyes stand out  --- Look at those two bright glowing orbs, drawing us into their  mysterious world!  
Drew's Cat - watercolour 


Alex willingly experiments with materials and various approaches to making art, and the results are impressive!  To create the abstract below, she used masking and  spattering techniques --- Note the direction of those tumbling lines and her lively use of colour --- Great design!

 Alex also very fond cats, and in the example below,  she combines  strong lines, bold colour and her awareness of shape, form and proportion to create a very convincing portrait.   Nice work,  Alex!   
Abstract - mixed media
Cat - Acrylic on Canvas


Claudia is an enthusiastic explorer of a art techniques and styles.  When it comes to creating art, she willingly uses whatever tool is at hand, be it a glue gun,  traditional paint brush or even cake icing!  The resulting artwork is never the same, but a recurring theme throughout is her strong love of cats.

   The selections below show the diversity of her work, ranging from a lovely portrait of her pet, Beany,  a zentangle created with a glue gun, and last but not least, a cute little kitty painted on her hand.   Great work, Claudia!
"Beanie" - Acrylic on Canvas

Zentangle kitty - mixed media

Cat - hand painting


Rowan is a creative, independent minded artist whose artistic explorations have led to diverse paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces.  Bold strokes and strong colours, including bright greens and browns, are prominent in her work.  Note that cheeky little horse at the bottom, and bright turquoise doughnut!   No muddy colours for Rowan!

Like many in our group, Rowan is exceedingly fond of cats, and her delightful portrait of Bandit certainly captures the essence of these endearingly quirky little beings.  Who can resist the self-satisfied, "try me!" expression on this kitty's face!     Very nice work, Rowan!

"Bandit" - Acrylic on Canvas

Doughnut - mixed media

horse - hand painting

June 2019 - Cake Painting!

Each year the artists of Art Tracks after school program celebrate the final class before summer break by making "edible art"!    The challenge is to turn a small cake into a work of art, using icing, food colour, sprinkles, and plenty of imagination.  As you can see here, the results never disappoint!

Fruit Cake!  by Chloe
Off to the Beach! by Claudia

Abstract Cake!  by Alex
Northern Lights!  by Maddie

Abstract!  by Rowan
Abstract!  by Kate

Friday, 31 August 2018

Art Tracks Resumes

Summer is nearly over, and Art Tracks is set to resume the second week of September!

Our weekly after school classes begin Wednesday, Sept. 12,  from 3:20 - 4:30 p.m.  Adult classes  resume Tuesday, Sept. 11, from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. 

This is an open studio program offering techniques and feedback as you work in the medium of your choice.  Throughout the year, new students may join, provided there is space. All levels are welcome!  For further information, please feel free to drop me a line at:

Art Tracks 2018 Exhibition at Swansea Town Hall

Celebrating the accomplishments of our artists!    June 2018
Paintnigs and sculptures all up in time for June opening!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Group Project - Creating a flock of Seagulls for the Exhibition

Some of our group decided to create a flock of  paper mache seagulls for our annual spring exhibition.  Here they are, laid out to dry, about halfway through the process!
Flock of Seagulls in ProgressAdd caption

Exhibitors in 2018 Show


Drew joined us in the spring of 2018, and immediately set to work creating this luminous pencil drawing of an eye, using a mirror and his own eyes as a reference.   He was also an enthusiastic participant in the "seagull project", followed by a session on hand painting!   Nice work on all counts, Drew!

Eye - Value Drawing in Pencil

Seagull - Landing and Takeoff - There's a bird in the house!

Hand Painting!


Maaike is a master of patience!   When she settles into a project, there is no rushing her --- She takes her time and enjoys the process.  She has an excellent eye, replicating forms with detail and accuracy, as demonstrated by this elegant study of a rose.   Lovely work!


Rowan's bold creativity has lead her to explore a range media and art styles.   I love the diversity of her work, and inherent originality and confidence of her sculptures, paintings and a various mixed media pieces.  The pieces below were all featured in our spring exhibition --- Wonderful work, Rowan!

Story of String - Mixed Media - Ink, Salt, Spray Paint, String, Mat Cuttings

Seagull - Paper Mache

Fireplace -Acrylic on Canvas

Pumpkin Face - Mixed Media - Ink, Paint, Soap & Construction Paper


Lenny has been practicing watercolour techniques, including wet on wet, glazing and graded washes.  The lovely misty landscape below is part of a larger series she completed when working on colour washes. 
Lenny has an excellent eye for shape and form, as can be seen in this lovely still life, as well as her accurate rendition of the robin below.   Note how she has captured the (slightly stressed) expression, so typical of these little birds!

landscape study
Robin - Watercolour 

Ria's watercolour florals and landscapes shimmer with clear, translucent washes, crisp edges and subtle rendering of light and shadow.  She is also a skilled portrait artist, as shown by the beautifully modeled pencil drawing below.   Lovely work!   
Tulip - Watercolour
Small flowers - Watercolour
Winter Scene - Watercolour
Water - Watercolour
Forest in Winter - Watercolour
Portrait in Pencil


Sam is a very creative young artist who has explored a wide variety of media and styles.   Spray painting plays a big part in his recent artworks.

Last spring Sam shared the exciting news that he has been accepted to attend the Etobicoke School of the Arts in September!   Of course, we're delighted ---  It's always gratifying to see "one of ours" continuing in the arts!  Congratulations, and all the best in grade 9, Sam!
Turtle Eye - Acrylic paint & Markers
Tree - Watercolour & Ink
Watercolour & Ink
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on canvas