Sunday, 6 May 2012

Self Portrait and Landscape in Pastel by Niah - grade 7

Here are two of Niah's most recent paintings, and we think it's safe to say both are a success!  Niah's landscapes have a wonderful, glowing quality, achieved by her use of complimentary or near complimentary colours in close proximity to each other.   In this one, she also uses one point perspective to draw the viewer's eye along a leaf covered path, deep into this gorgeous shimmering world! 

Niah also recentely decided to venture into new territory and try her hand at portraiture.  This self portrait is her first attempt, and here again, we think she did a wonderful job!  Not only did she accomplish a very good likeness of herself;  she also effectively conveyed areas of light and shadow, thereby adding a three dimensional quality to her picture.   Lovely work, Niah!

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